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About Us

Behind the scenes, Just K’s Kandles is a family-owned small business built from the ground up.

Sam, Chief Chandler of Just K’s Kandles & More, self-proclaimed Go-Getter, Wife, Mom of one handsome boy and enjoys the freedom of creativity and ability to inspire others to find their own inner peace. When Sam is not making and burning candles, she enjoys spending time with family and traveling. But she also loves lounging around doing nothing  and spending quality time with her adventurous son.

Just K’s Kandles & More is a luxury home fragrance brand specializing in scented candles inspired by the richness of cocktails. Founded in 2020 by Sam Ivery! Just K’s Kandles is the manifestation of her love affair with wine and cocktails.

A growing woman can help others, 
and still find her
inner peace.


Just K’s Kandles & More mission is to EMPOWER self-care. 


There is nothing like having your favorite cocktail to unwind from the world.

Our Cocktail Collection Aromas are Uniquely Tailored to encourage you to embark on a self-care journey. 

Applying self-care to your daily routine will help you FIND YOUR INNER PEACE & be the best version of YOU!


It all began in 2020 when the whole idea came about while being on maternity leave from having her son. It all started with wanting to leave a legacy behind for her little one. Fast forward to July 2020 Sam started getting all her ducks in a row to start her LLC and focusing on the types of candles she would make. After researching and testing Just K’s Kandles Cocktail Collection became about. Sam carefully handcrafted her first five soy candles as a tribute to help others 





Just K’s Kandles & More is more than just a candle brand. We feel it's important to support and unite all who are also navigating entrepreneurial journeys and spark meaningful relationships. We recognize that it's a blessing to have a lucrative business so when we have success, we like to give back. We're so happy to support projects from organizations and fellow entrepreneurs that share the same mission in helping others find their inner peace! 

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